What is Energy?

  • Energy is the ability or capacity to do work

    • Work is the process of moving an object
  • Energy is the ability or capacity to move an object

Energy Transformations

  • Energy can be transformed from one type to another

  • You can transfer energy from one object to another by doing work

  • Work-Energy Theorem

    • Work done on a system by an external force changes the energy of the system

Kinetic Energy

  • Kinetic Energy is energy of motion

    • The ability or capacity of a moving object to move another object
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Potential Energy

  • Potential Energy (U) is energy an object possesses due to its position or state of being

    • Gravitational Potential Energy (Ug) is the energy an object possesses because of its position in a gravitational field

    • Elastic Potential Energy (Us)

    • Chemical Potential Energy

    • Electric Potential Energy

    • Nuclear Potential Energy

  • A single object can have only kinetic energy, as potential energy requires an interaction between objects

Internal Energy

  • The internal energy of a system include the kinetic energy of the objects that make up the system and the potential energy of the configuration of the objects that make up the system

  • Changes in a system's structure can result in changes in internal energy

Gravitational Potential Energy (Ug)

wgL CG = wgh

Conservative Forces

  • A force in which the work done on an object is independent of the path taken is known as conservative force

  • A force in which the work done moving along a closed path is zero

  • A force in which the work done is directly related to a negative change in potential energy (W=-ΔU)

Conservative Forces Non-Conservative Forces
Elastic Forces
Coulombic Forces
Air Resistance

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

  • The gravitational force of attraction between any two objects with mass

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Force from Potential Energy




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